Lightboard @ 28,500/- in India

Our Light board/Glass board setup will enhance your online teaching & presentation while providing professional quality experience to your audience.

SKFLightboard is a premier quality lightboard manufacturer in India.Our product helps you while explaining the content by use of image/video without any post production work.

light board image

Lightboard with simple setup & portable design.

Lightboard glass is fixed by wooden frame for smooth finishing & saftey. It has a Wooden frame with coating of polyurethene for water resistance. Stand is very flexible to Assemble and Dismantle.

glass board or light board class by shivakrishna

Experience a delicate beautiful design

Make A Difference

For the 1st time in india, Without any OBS or other software pressure on Teacher/Tutor while teaching. He/She can use the Images/Videos while delivering the subject.