Q:What is Lightboard / Glass board?

Ans: Light board is a chalk glass board, it can be used for live or recorded online classes for students. Your face towards viewers and written content glows because of lights.

Q: What is the Special quality in skflightboards from other manufacturers?

Ans: we have so many specialities

  1. You can explain the content using images/videos live class in a easy wayWithout using any software like obs and there is no pre production or post production work.

2. High durable glass frame with wooden and flexible stand ( Simple to dismantle & assemble you can easy to transport also).

3. High quality Lightboard setup at very low cost in india.

4) we have customized lightboard size.

Q: How to dismantle or Assemble Lightboard setup?

Ans: SKFlightboard’s provides user manual & Our team will give you the complete assistance through videocall’s and teamviewers. Complete setup will take around 20-30 min after completion of setup you can plug & use it.

Q: Is there any warranty

Ans: We are providing only one year warranty on Electrical items, There is no warranty on glass. Our complete assistance is provided upto 4 months from the date of purchase.

Q:How do you do shipping ?

Ans: Shipping can be made through the national couriers like FedEx, Bluedart.

Q:How to order lightboard &payment mode?

Ans: Payment can be made through UPI OR BANK Account details. 50% payment need to pay for conformation of your order and remaining 50% payment before the shipping of your light board (GST &shipping chargers are excluded).

Q: What type of markers should I use?

Ans: We recommend the best and low cost markers, You can also use Neon markers(High cost).

Q:Can Light board be used for live sessions?

Ans: Yes, You can use light board for live sessions our team will guide you.